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IronGate CAD Challenge

Presented by rowland hall robotics and ftc team 19922


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What is the IronGate CAD Competition?
The IronGate CAD Competition is a month-long CAD Competition open to all. This competition will allow participants to prepare for the FTC CenterStage game release, as well as other robotics competitions. The IronGate CAD Competition is meant to simulate the beginning of a robotics competition season to prepare teams for brainstorming, and creating a CAD model of a robot. The timeframe for this competition is intentionally lengthy to allow teams to also participate in other off-season events and have time to create a nuanced robot.
Who can compete in it?
While the IronGate robot game is meant to simulate the beginning of an FTC competition season, everyone is able to participate. There is no limit to the number of members on a team, and no age limit, that means everyone, FTC Alumni, FRC, VEX Robotics, and FLL Teams, along with anyone else, regardless of prior experience, who wants to compete, can compete! We can’t wait to see what you all create!
How do I compete?

Make sure to check out the challenge under the rules page of our website, and watch the kickoff video. Participants are invited to join our discord server ( to ask questions and see what other teams are up to. Once you have modeled your robot, you can submit your design by uploading it to the Google Form. Teams are welcome to submit up to 4 robot designs, although each one must be relatively unique (not just changing the intake, etc.) If you have questions about if your design meets the criteria feel free to email us (, 

message us on Instagram (@rh_iron_lions), or discord (linked above).

Why should you compete?
Apart from the chance to win super cool trophies and prove your brainstorming expertise, this challenge allows you and your team to test new robot strategies on a brand new challenge, without needing to keep a cost burden in mind! Of course, the digital aspect of the competition means that teams aren’t limited on budget, meaning this is a free way to practice, learn, and refine your CAD skills. It also allows teams to teach new (and old) members how to CAD, and begin working with one another to create something incredible! Reach out to us if you are interested in learning how to model in OnShape, and we will be more than happy to teach you.
Who are we?
This competition is being hosted by FTC Teams 19922 and 16748 from Rowland Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. We compete in the FTC Utah Region and are excited to begin our 3rd and 5th seasons in FTC! We are open resource year round for any teams looking for help.

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